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Would you like to change your life and become an empowered, authentic and fearless, best version of yourself?

A lifecoach will help you to see yourself from a new perspective, to bend your reality, to inspire you and shine some light into your blindspots.

You will feel heard and supported to take steps towards your dreams and reach your goals.

There will be weekly one-on-one video sessions. To get results from the sessions your commitment is essential.

What you have to consider:

ask yourself

Is it for me?

You may consider coaching if

  • you are looking for a shift in your life.
  • If you need more inspiration and encouragement to create a life you have been dreaming of
  • you would like to discover your life purpose
  •  want to feel empowered and aligned
  •  you would like to have balance, joy and happiness in your life
  • you would like to stop procrastination and excuses that are keeping you away from reaching your real goals.


I would highly recommend Andra's coaching sessions as they truly helped me to gain more confidence in myself, create a more structured vision of my dream as well as think of the first steps that I can take towards my goal. Andra always offered new points of views, ideas and encouragement to start. Thank you for everything!

My expertise

Transformation, mindfulness, goal setting, happiness, life purpose, healthy lifestyle, wellness, conscious relationships, yoga

“Only the truth of who you are, if realized, will set you free.” Eckhart Tolle

yoga journey

Yoga classes

Yoga is not about flexibility and stretching, these most famous byproducts of yoga may cause one’s resistance to look deeper into whole yoga system, especially if one’s body feels stiff and painful and hard to accomplish.

The stiff and painful body is actually a very good reason to start practising yoga, as stiffness is showing that your energy is not flowing as it should.

Yoga practice with awareness and guidance will balance your energy flow, and re-calibrate your body and your mind. You will gain more clarity and harmony in your life.

I offer consultations and private yoga classes (online and offline) what is created especially for you, considered your body and specific needs. Special programs for back/knee problems, hip opening, heart/lungs, digestion, sleep problems etc

I have been practising yoga daily for many years. I’m a certified yoga teacher (RYS200H D´vine Yoga) and I have received yoga and meditation teachings at Agama Yoga (700h), I have engaged knowledge in that field in many different workshops in India and Thailand.

If you would like to work with me, send me an email! 

Inner and outer journeys

Spiritual Journeys

I will take you on journeys to wonderful corners of the world to explore fascinating, magical new places together with inner explorations. 

Sacred places and traditions

Some places touch you more deeply than others, they move something inside you. Ancient traditions, rituals, temples, shamans, wild nature, that is what is fascinating for me and what I would like to share with you.

Inner journeys and growth as a human

My journeys in the world include always a portion of journey into yourself. Tools I use are different ancient yoga technics and modern coaching wisdom to help you get more harmony into your life and rediscover connection with your true Self.

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Ancient Kingdoms of Mayas - Guatemala and Mexico

Maya culture has an ancient roots with many traditions, legends and of course famous sacred sites. That journey will take us to ancient Maya kingdoms to immerse ourselves in the mysterious history of these cultures by visiting sacred sites and participating in indigenous ceremonies. We spend also beautiful days in the middle of the nature to nurture ourselves. On top of traveling along those countries we will travel inside ourselves. I will guide you during that journey through different spiritual practices and self-discovery exercises, we are harmonising and balancing our energies with yoga, meditation, mindfulness practises etc.

About me

I was born in the small Nordic country of Estonia. However, for the past 13 years, I have been living and travelling around the world, spending extended periods of time in Costa Rica, Brazil, and Thailand.

I am a yogini who practices and studies the ancient philosophy and wisdom of yoga. I began my yoga journey over 15 years ago with Ashtanga yoga, and since 2016, I have been studying in Thailand, where I received authentic teachings about tantra yoga and other Indian and Tibetan sacred wisdom.

I have created beautiful retreats for women where I combine all my knowledge to help them gain more confidence and harmony in their lives. Moreover, I am a certified yoga teacher and Reiki master, as well as a trained and certified transformational life coach. I have personal experience with transforming from a corporate career to an independent path, and I understand the difficulties of making changes. But despite the fear and uncertainty such changes may cause in us, I believe in the power of embracing change and transforming one’s life. It is immensely inspiring to help and guide others to find their path too. As someone who loves to travel and share my knowledge about yoga and self-development, I have created spiritual journeys and retreats that combine my experience as a travel guide, yogini, and coach.